GoNetworking Stansted - 5th September 2017


GoNetworking Stansted is taking place on 5th September 2017 at Thremhall Park Business Centre, with a presentation by Liz Mercer, Founder of Perla Development.

We have invited Liz Mercer of Perla Development to give a talk entitled 'Great Leadership: Nature or Nurture?' Are you born a great leader, or can you develop to be one, or is that not the point? This brief and engaging talk will open up this long-running debate once more and introduce some current thinking to establish what really makes great leaders.

Perla Development has been running since January 2014 offering consulting services, including team development, executive and development coaching, leadership and management development, training, workshop design and delivery and meetings facilitation. A variety of approaches are applied in the design and delivery of solutions, utilising many industry-leading models and tools: for example, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Belbin Team Roles, 360 feedback tools, diagnostics and team toolkits.

As owner/director of Perla, Liz mainly operates independently but also partners with a network of well-established, experienced and trusted associate colleagues. They can deliver scaled solutions across multiple sites, locations and geographic boundaries.

Liz is known by her clients for her authenticity, clarity of purpose, encouraging nature and ability to share her knowledge and expertise in order to develop talent and build business success.

The event will be taking place on Tuesday 5th September 8am-10am at Thremhall Park Business Centre. Tickets are availalbe here. 

For more information, or to sponsor a future event, contact us at events@mantle.co.uk

GoNetworking Stansted is part of a programme of monthly networking events held at our business centres in each of our locations (Cambs, Herts and Essex). For business professionals, networking is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to personal growth and business development. We at Mantle Business Centres recognise the importance of making connections. When you attend one of our networking events, you are not just gaining exposure to the people in the room with you. You are building connections with their network too.

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